Website for all our game servers.

Primarily Minecraft.

Yes we need a much better design.

A few links below:

The Dark Fortress Game Universe

Wiki  (New)

 Forum (New pretty pointless atm)

 Old Site (needs to move here eventually)

Old Forum (Still Currently Used)

 Survival Game Stats

 Youtube Channel

Ramblers Frontier Wars universe

Forum With links and details

Connect to the game servers:


Dark Fortress universe

Dark Fortress universe - Main server: play.our-game.net 

Dark Fortress universe - The Alpha planet war server:  alphawars.net

Testing or tekkit server - where we test stuff: play.our-game.net:25564

Drewbzz Ozblox Server - ran by former staff of Dark Fortress: ozblox.net/


Space Engineers



Staff (past and present):

Main Server: Hedt, xPhoenixXx
Alpha War: Mr_Grimnir

Co-Founders: lexybane, drewbzz, charizard694, samhandwich

QA/Management: Tangentspy, r_a_person, Skulltraill,
quantum_array, warpig97

Senior gameplay staff: pig_assasin, warpig97, Wolfie024,
Brinsta9, Voxelle, coconut_slice,

Junior/Support Staff: rachelreach, willo70, koppter, alexjerta


Staff (future):

Website design: (I suck!)

Graphic design: (Need ideas!)

Programming: (Maintaining plugins, migrating npcs etc)

User Documentation: (If i had time..)

Story: (I started it... but...)

Missions: (Have a few but needs work)

Movie editing/production: (Is it just me?)