Welcome to the Dark Fortress Game Universe

This Server is an informal roleplay server hosted by JPC Supplies / CyberNexus. Some elements are inspired by Battlestar Galactica, and the "World of Titan" series of gamebooks by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson. It runs bukkit/economy/minecarts/permissions/worldguard. New Features include spells and scrolls. We hope to add automated quests and interactive NPCs at some point as well. The server was originally created for the player "Hedt" in 2011. If you meet him in game, be nice, he has over 20 ways to kill you in game. (One involving his little finger and a feather.. apparently..)

The original name "The Towers" came from the towers populating the starting point and surrounding areas. It was an informal reference to watch towers (Medieval Structure), the twin towers(S11), and the two towers(Lord of the Rings) There is even a mad wizard.. but thats another topic. In 2012 We Changed the name to "The Dark Fortress" for a dark mysterious vibe. The Dark Fortress itself is a remote building rarely visited, that contains various protoype machines, and devices testing various interesting things our plugins can be used for.

Game Back story

You find yourself in a strange place of machines, monsters, mages, merchants and gods, populated by various items, buildings, lost treasures and ruins. Oddly there exists here a strange combination of medieval knights and space ships.. suggesting that in the past the peoples here were exposed to advanced technology before they were entirely ready for it..

Amoung the people here, A legend is spoken of an ancient people, so old nobody recalls their name. They built impossible things, in impossible places, They had much power, they could move mountains; fly through space, raise the dead or summon the living - yet something happened to them. If you listen carefully; you hear hushed whispers... nightmares never fully woken from, children at night screaming, a legacy of scars upon the land, shadows in the distance, strange sounds behind you; odd happenings in the night; their memory alone wakes the dead

The Citadel you find yourself near hosts the initial shopping areas, merchants and travel facilities.
At night creatures from the graveyard (or even other players) outside try to break through the gatehouse and invade the citadel.
There is also a public mine underneath if you can find the entrance. What you find in there of treasures man and monsters is a mystery.
Prepare to stake out your own place in this world.

Land can be claimed, bought, sold or begged for; which means you need to go exploring and find an area nobody owns, or ask to be added to an existing land title.
It is not essential to own land; you can build and work anywhere not assigned to someone, or in unlocked districts just remember we cant save you from Grief on public land.

Locations of Interest

Players Guide to getting started

First off find the shop and visit it, you start with $100 i suggest buying a tool or weapon.
Secondly find an area you can build or mine. Use /sethome so you can return there should you die or go shopping.
Thirdly Mine some ore, craft items or hunt for whatever game event items (eg pumpkins at halloween) have a reward at the pawn shop for selling. Items and ore can be bought or sold at shops, merchant players shops, or by selecting an item in your hand and typing /sell hand (to sell all) or /sell hand 1 (to sell 1) to sell it to the server. /worth will tell you what it is worth before selling. This should allow you to quickly get funds for some adventure gear.

Lastly - remember PVP is on too, so be careful with pointy things. If something(or someone) kills you you can return to the scene of the crime with /back to salvage what may still be laying around.