Ramblers Frontier Wars

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Server Status & Voting


Unlimited Procedural survival server. No NPC Ships. Oxygen Enabled. No Storms.

Challenge Level: Easy.

Free Play or Objectives.
Sometimes GPS coords may be posted publically. Try to capture, hold or patrol the area first

The Space Police Man's Rules Guidelines:
1: When capturing an objective you should transfer any beacon to your faction as a "flag" to
indicate ownership and prevent your ships shooting at it.
2: Ship's towed to the Junk yard by police patrols (GPS:1000:1000:1000) are fair game for anyone.
Be warned any drifting ships found get moved here. Criteria: no power or drifting or damaged.
3: Avoid stealing active ships - although isolated ships with no spawn bay are probably safe.
4: Only attack online players if possible its more fun if they shoot back
5: No griefing - grinding and destruction should have a purpose beyond simply being an a$$hole.
6: Obey the local police..If in doubt, use more guns.


Ramblers frontier - it stretches from Jupiter outwards. After Pluto you got Ramblers Lawless
void, keep going and you hit the Oort Cloud... Often Literally.

It is usually pretty quiet out here, after the AI ships went crazy out past Pluto all the big
mining companies stopped risking their cargos here.

It's been 10 years since the last outfit, Blue Mining Left. After that run in with the UFP,
they said to hell with you all, abandoned that sweet roid of theirs, and told the UFP to
'$^&% keep the ship then if you think the water was stolen, we got plenty more.

But all the small players are still around. Without the big mining corporations around they got
into fights, lots. Many of them turned pirate. At least that is what the man calls them. He is
here too somewhere. With his bedamned flashing Police lights and big guns.
Just cause he has a badge don't make him right.
Keeps the new guys alive long enough to have stuff worth taking I guess.

*sound of gun clicking*

Way I see it, out here everyone is trying to survive, you have what they want, you need what
they have. They call it war, we call it Survival. To hell with the man. I got guns too.