Ramblers OOrt Cloud

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Unlimited Procedural exploration survival server.
AI+ NPC Ships. Oxygen Enabled. Armageddon.

Challenge Level: Hardcore

Don't die.


Ramblers frontier - it stretches from Jupiter outwards. After Pluto you got Ramblers Lawless
void, keep going and you hit the Oort Cloud... Often Literally.

This is where the AI's went mad, and the middle of the AI warzone. But its a big place with
lots of places to hide... trouble is there is also quite a lot of big flaming bl**dy rocks flying
around too.

Only battleships, crazy folk, crazy computers, and more F***ing rocks out here.
Be damn sure you either have a big ship, or a really small hole to hide in.
Cause you can be damn sure any second you are about to die.

But... if you don't die, you can make your self richer than god out here..