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 +Wales is household to a number of the most stunning scenery in Europe. Numerous vacation makers go on a loved ones vacation to Wales and rent a holiday cottage or self catering apartment. Wales is very diverse from the rest of Britain and is just about two hours from the Heathrow airport.
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 +It is a nation with over four hundred castles; however there is only a single official motorway. So should you be trying to find a peaceful holiday then Wales is definitely the spot which you should be at. There is certainly practically nothing extra relaxing then renting among the charming vacation cottages in Wales and enjoying the stunning scenery.
 +Wales is known for its rich history, myth, culture and legend. It is a wonderful place with breathtaking scenery and is house to about 3 national parks and five places of astounding natural beauty.
 +There are many approaches to love the green countryside either by bike, car or truck or foot. Love walks along the peaceful countryside, play golf, go fishing and in some cases advantage from several water sports inside the some of the most effective beaches in Europe. It's feasible to rent a vacation cottage next to one of these gorgeous beaches then use it as a base either for water sports or to discover the local countryside.
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 +Together with the history and legend that prevails within the country you'll have an informative journey into the previous by visiting the Roman Forts also because the variety of castles which can be located there not forgetting the heritage web pages at Conway and Caernarfon. Discover regarding the legendary king Arthur and the magician and relish the rich culture that may be present in its different museums and galleries which might be located everywhere.
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