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Documentation by rank:

Documentation by class

Documentation by gameplay

Survival (Aka normal roleplay gameplay)

Hunger Games (PvP style arena gameplay)

PvP (Freeform PvP, Raiding(aka RPG grief/theft/burgulary) or roleplay)

Treasure hunter (Lets go dungeon crawling)

Zombie Survival (Lets go hunting..)

Documentation by Skills & Abilities

Documentation by World/Planet

Alphawar (Planet in Past)

Acadar (Planet)

Asteroids (Region - Formerly Planet Alpha)

Brotherhood (Planet)

Cybertron (Planet)

Darkworld (Dimension)

Funpark (Recreation area)

Grimnir (Planet)

Hedt (Private region)

Hedt2 (Private region)

KS7-535 (Planet) Click for more info on SkullCorp

Mars (Planet)

P2X-002 (Planet)

P2X-005 (Planet)

P3X-660 (Planet)

P3X-666 (Planet)

PJ6-877 (Planet)

Projects (Creative Moon)

TARDIS (Device)

World (Main Planet)

World_the_end (Outer Space Region)

World_nether (Hell region)

Documentation by plugin

Note: Some of these can probably just link out to the appropriate bukkit plugin page but if we cross reference these from other pages it should save on redundancy. Long term detailing commands as they apply to us should be appropriate with the external link as reference wiki style.

HeroChat - Chat System
ThunderTools (Tangentspy's Version) - Lightning Plugin
TravelSigns (FastTravelSigns Rip Off/Lite Version) - Possibly the only working version of FastTravelSigns in the near future unless TangentSpy takes over project management.

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