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During the early stages of expansion following the explosion of exploration after rediscovering the dark fortress, the Overlord of the modest albeit remote holding of Paradisa funds research into the newly discovered stargate devices, and immediately conquers a newly discovered planet dubbed “Grimsgate” who's former masters had no concept of war. Newly subjugated his new subjects rapidly see to his rise in power to one of the most mysterious Overlords ever known..

Purportedly his favorite pastime is luring unsuspecting citizens into Grimsgate, and either sending them to work in the mines, marching them off to play survival games, or simply having them executed.. at least this is what the rumors suggest.. very few who brave the gateway to his world are ever heard from again.. the last recorded contact was mention of a strange stone room and a sudden lightning like sound followed by all contact being cut off..

In one case as the signal faded to static.. a sound could be heard echoing in the background..


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