Documentation For Hero Chat

HeroChat command usage

Command Description
/ch <channel> [password] Join the channel and change the focus
/ch join <channel> [password] Join the channel without changing the focus
/ch leave <channel> [password] Leave the channel
/ch qm <channel> [password] Send a quick message to the specified channel
/ch ignore [player] Ignore the player (if specified) or no one
/ch list [page#] List all channels
/ch who [channel] List all players in the channel
/ch create <name> [nick] Create a channel
/ch remove <channel> Remove a channel
/ch set <channel> <setting> <value> Change the settings of a channel
/ch info [channel] Display basic information about a channel
/ch mute [channel] <player> Mute a player in the channel
/ch kick [channel] <player> Kick a player in the channel
/ch ban [channel] <player> Ban a player in the channel
/ch mod [channel] <player> Add a moderator to a channel
/ch help [page#] Display help
/ch save Saves channel configuration changes

Some channels are only function on specific worlds.

Channels such as Local will only be heard by players within a 1000 block radius

nb. some commands are staff/op only

If you require staff assistance, please use /helpop and if anyone is online they will contact you. Else post on the forums

Channel Settings

settings and their actions for /ch set <channel> <setting> <value>

Setting Description Value
name The channel's name
nick The channel's nickname
password The channel's password (leave blank for no password)
color The channel's color (use the common text color codes) &0-9 &A-F
distance The maximum distance between players for messages to be heard (0 is global)
crossworld Enable sending the messages to all worlds. True / False
shortcutAllowed Allows the use of /<channelnick> to send quick messages to other channels True / False
worlds A list of the channel's allowed worlds WorldName
bans A list of banned players
mutes A list of muted players
moderators A list of moderators
format The channel's message format N/A
verbose Enable join/leave messages True / False
focusable Enable setting a channel as active with /ch <channel> True / False

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