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Survival Games, is a plugin/game-mode where users get to play in a manner similar to the popular movie 'Hunger Games'. Players partake in a survival deathmatch style game, that takes place withing a fixed, resetting arena.


  • No usage of hacks of any sort. If you are using a custom client, no matter what it is, or what it's purpose, you must disable it, and use a fresh installation of Minecraft
  • No cheating. This means you should not abuse any kind of unfair advantage, whether intentionally or unintentionally. This includes the use of resource packs that give you an advantage, or using any sort of glitch
  • Feel free to communicate in public chat if you are playing the game, but if you are spectating, sharing any sort of information with the participants is forbidden
  • Boosting yourself (to rise in the leaderboards) using alt accounts or with friends is not allowed, we can view detailed match information for every match, and we will catch you


SG involves an elimination/survival of the fittest style gameplay. The goal of the game is to be the last man standing, and to achieve this you may employ a variety of different tactics, including but not limited to:

  • Hiding safely until all other players die to combat or natural means
  • Directly combating other players to eliminate them from the game
  • Grouping up with friends to get rid of the opposition first


Start / Grace Period

When 2 or more players join an arena, the countdown for that arena starts. After 30 seconds, the game starts, and players are allowed to move (generally towards the chests/resources at the center). A further 30 seconds of 'grace time' is allowed, so that players can quickly check chests and plan an exit, during this 'grace period' you can not do damage to other players.

Split / Bloodbath

Ideally by the time the grace period ends, you will have left the spawn area. For those who haven't managed to leave, generally there is a group fight where whoever is left at the spawn tries to kill each other. You don't want to be around when this happens.

Scavenging / Hunting

By this time, a few players have died, and everyone has left the spawn area. People are now looking in the chests/care packages left throughout the arena in the form of several chests (often hidden), for more resources and gear. Typically you would find weapons, food, armour, ender pearls and other useful items. During this phase, there is also occasional thunder, that marks the position of every single player who is still alive. If you are smart, and have good eyes/ears, you can use this to your advantage, either to hunt others down, or to stay away from them.

Death Match / Finale

If a long time has passed, and the game has still not ended, after a point, players will all be teleported to spawn again. This time, there is no grace period, but there sure is a bloodbath. From here all the phases repeat again until there is only one person left.


Kit Name Command Cost Rank Requirement Description
Soldier /kit sgsoldier $10,000 Soldier (+) or above Basic weapons and armor. Cheap and gets the job done.
Archer /kit sgarcher $100,000 Soldier (+) or above A little pricy, use this if you want an edge in the arena. Gives you a ranged advantage, and decent protecting if any enemies get too close.
Wizard /kit sgwizard $50,000 Wizard (W) or above Wizards use spells (potions for now) to give themselves various buffs, while at the same time attacking enemies with potent AOE damage.
Zerker /kit sgzerker $500,000 Necromancer (^ N ^) or above The mad man. Incredibly powerful enchanted diamond weapons, a bow and armour. While extremely powerful, all items are limited use (incl. armour) and when they run out, you are left with nothing.
Mesmer /kit sgmesmer $500,000 Necromancer (^ N ^) or above Elusive and deceptive. This class is all about movement, positioning and confusing your enemies. Comes with ender pearls, feather falling boots, invisibility potions and more.
More coming soon


Here are the commands associated with SG on our server:

Command Usage Description
Lobby /sg join Used to teleport to the SG lobby, where you can join an arena and see arena stats
Join /sg join <arena number> Used to join an arena directly without going to the lobby
Leave /sg leave Used to leave a game, if you are in one (it will count as a loss)
Spectate /sg spectate <arena number> Used to spectate a specific arena, you can watch as others play
Leave Queue /sg lq Used to leave a queue. If you had tried to join an arena that is already in progress, you will get placed in a queue, this means as soon as the game is over, you enter the new round. If you change your mind and no longer want to join the game, remember to use this command
Kits /kits
/kit <kit name>
Use this to spawn in kits. Remember to only do this when you are in-game otherwise you will not receive the kit in the game. Make sure you have sufficient funds to purchase the kit.

Report Bugs or Glitches

We greatly appreciate users reporting bugs and glitches, and we endeavour to fix them as soon as possible. (Please note, knowing a glitch and not reporting it counts as breaking a rule, please read above.)
Report here: Report Glitches/Bugs (If you have an account on the forums)
If you don't have an account on the forums, type this on the server /mail send SkullTraill -SG- (describe your issue here)

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