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Your job is to manage and maintain the server. The matrix doesn't have you, you are the matrix!

    TTTTTTTTTT H   H  EEEEEEE    M           M     A     TTTTT
        T      H   H  E          M M       M M    A A       T  T
        T      H   H  E          M   M   M   M   A   A      T
        T      HHHHH  EEEE       M     M     M  AAAAAAA     T      
        T      H   H  E          M           M  A     A     T T    R 
        T      H   H  E          M           M  A     A     T      R         I
        T      H   H  EEEEEEE    M           M  A     A     T   T  R  R  R   I   X        X

Rank Upgrades: None

Limitations: Some condition based events are still applied - eg pay-to-enter worlds fee is still deducted; and “trigger” events like spawn points, tripwires, and creative gates will defer to your permissions in the currently selected world. Gameplay events overrule - players effected by potions eg invisibility are still invisible to ops except for their Armour and held items.

Unlimitations: you can access all protection regions irrespective of userlists. Also home/npc and concealment plugins cannot enforce quota limits or block view.

How To Earn This Rank?

  • Except for debugging purposes this rank is only used by a server owner.

Ops guide

Ops also have access to all the Admin Rank features, although in-game commands will behave oddly due to the op flag interfering or breaking entirely their admin permission lines.

Shell Commands

Ops (or owners) have access to a shell, providing direct access to server operations, files, logs, and plugins. Under the shell used on Dark Fortress Universe most unix/linux style commands are available. In addition to these a number of very specific scripts are available separate to normal linux, or mineos scripts -

  1. console - typical usage “console” or “console &” - this allows monitoring of the server console externally to the game and management system.
  2. Zstop.bat - typical usage “Zstop.bat” usually having first ran “console &” - this is used to perform a clean shutdown of the server. It is functionally identical to hitting stop on dark fortress from the management system.
  3. Zstart.bat - typical usage “Zstart.bat” also after first running “console &” - this is used to perform a clean start, or a diagnostic start of the server. It is functionally identical to hitting start on Dark Fortress in the management system.
  4. run - typical usage “run command options” - basically run a command on the console; shell script limitations prevent it using token codes like ”[”, ”'”, ”?” etc. Example “run say the matrix has me”
  5. 0start.bat - typical usage “0start.bat” - starts the 0ATrainer (testing) server. Not frequently used.
  6. 0stop.bat - typical usage “0stop.bat” - stops the 0ATrainer server.
  7. setwebproxy - typical usage “setwebproxy” - until ctrl-C is pressed this exploits the available test server port (if available) as a temporary socket 5 proxy for debugging or remote access purposes; and should be used with extreme caution where wireline LAN level access is briefly required.
  8. ~/lynx-2-8-7/lynx - typical usage ”./lynx google.com” - starts the one true text based web browser - sometimes useful and preferable to the above socks exploit for quick fixes
  9. nano - typical usage “nano config.yml” - starts a console friendly text editor which is newline compliant, and ideal for yml files. Functionally identical to pico and less retarded than vi or emacs for the lazy or n00b

Important Folders

~ - also known as your home directory any scripts placed here with chmod x are available globally via path for the lazy


  • run can be used instead of ./run or ~/run

~/servers - this contains all the configured minecraft server folders


  • ZTheDarkFortress
  • 0ATrainer
  • etc etc

/usr/games/minecraft - this contains the core mineos management files, scripts and server jars


  • /usr/games/minecraft/bukkitdev - this contains the active bukkit jar, if you manually change this (ie using wget) you will also need to delete the jar from the /home/servers/Zdarkfortress/ folder prior to a restart - recommend backing all jars up prior as updates break stuff (ie plugins) you will need to fix/update first!
  • /usr/games/minecraft/mineos.config - this contains the remote locations to check for minecraft server jar updates etc - used by the web management system if you hit “update”
  • /usr/games/minecraft/pigmap - this contains the active satellite mapping tool - ideally should be run when bukkit server not running but will work if it is (at the cost of lag and glitchy map) - the only files to concern yourself with is ./runtool and ./runtool2 - runtool will attempt to update all worlds; runtool2 should be edited prior to execution in order to update one specific world. It contains two locations that need adjusting, the source world folder (eg /world) and the target map location (eg /world). Only change the end of the path otherwise you may fill the wrong folder or write to the wrong world map. This folder also contains a number of png files that may need manually correcting/updating to cater for new block types.

In-game (Console) Commands

See also the Admin Rank section. Caution should be exercised, while in-game almost all console commands are available as /commands and great care should taken not to accidentally use one. This includes all commands associated with insertion, removal, modification, configuration, teleportation and communication. Eg, world edit, reload, tptoggle, sudo, tpo etc. Some commands might not work, or will not work as expected.

  • Eg the Essentials /world “travel here” command is superseded by the permissions /world “select this world for modification” command.

(in the above case, the /warp, /mv tp or /Eworld command should be used instead)

  • Eg the /ft “go here” command will allow travel to any and all created fast travel signs staff or player created, and will also display the name of them all (which wont fit on one page and you cannot select additional pages)

Quite a few commands disabled by the permissions system and permissions lines, and/or plugin config.yml settings will also be available as an op. Use extreme caution.

Examples: In Game commands

Below are examples of most commonly used OP only commands

  • Reload - forces a “dirty” reload of plugins - this leaks memory and a server restart is generally required shortly after
  • reload PLUGIN - attempts to reload just one plugin, usually doesn't work right
  • essentials reload - attempts a dirty rehash/reload of all essentials related functionality - leaks memory - restart server if possible
  • permissions reload - attempts to reload all permission lines and groups from disk. WARNING this can cause newly joined or promoted players ranks to “cease to exist” as it does not perform a save before hand.
  • Stop - if all else fails including the stop/start functionality of the manager system or shell this will _eventually_ cleanly save map and close the server - although the manager will consider this an “unclean” shutdown
  • save-all - forces an early write of all worlds back to disk (usually they are cached in ram and saved during gc cycles)
  • Ban - self explanatory - don't recommend this, as people worth banning usually have more than one account, jail them on mars instead - can also cause lag on long lists of bans (unless mcbans is installed don't use it.)
  • Every plugin - often plugins contains one or more op only commands - example: /cast reload (which is broken btw) attempts to reload its config file settings
  • timings - used to record tps and latency (ie how laggy) of individual plugins sadly buggy in current bukkit as it fails to display plugin name now - Usage: /timings <reset|merged|separate> output is recorded into the timings folder of the current server
  • eco - this can be used to add/deduct money from one/all players
  • worth - this can be used to change item values
  • kits - all essentials kits will be available
  • setspawn - eg /setspawn noobies or /setspawn wizard - you can globally assign where a given rank spawns. This does not cross-reference ranks on the current world - so someone can respawn in a world where they don't actually have the rank associated with the spawn. (eg if you have prisoner rank on cybertron, and admin rank on mars, if you /spawn (or die) in cybertron, you will be sent to mars, where you can again type /spawn (or die) and be sent to the main world) Be mindful of this when settings spawn locations.

Permissions / Commands (*)


         Except with specific plugins; Permissions do not generally apply when op flag is in effect - or are ineffective. 
         Ops run outside of permission systems, in that most plugin specifically check for op status prior to checking for permissions.

We @ Our-game.net hope you find this 'Wiki' helpful and informative.

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