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The projects world is considered a special “moon” where “colonists” are equipped with special “space suits” that allow them to fly and replicate blocks. It is not possible to simply “warp” or “be teleported” in or out of this world so don't nag staff about it, they can't send you there.

To get here (to become a “colonist”) a player needs to accumulate at least 1 million of in game money, by trade, crafting, jobs etc; then locate a stargate, and dial it to this world - then walk through the stargate.

If they have enough game currency they will be transported into the world. Be careful as it is difficult to leave this world if someone closes the stargate back!

There is one perk however. If you build something awesome in the projects world, so long as it isn't full of gold, diamond or emerald - you can request that the build be copied into the main world. In this manner you can build a “special project” there, and have it available from the main world afterwards. If gold/diamond/emerald is in the building it will be converted into wool, iron, dirt or stone once it is copied into the main world. Depending on the times you play you may need to contact us on the Forums to get it copied.

Known Stargate Dial Codes to get here:

  • Beta Style Gate Decimal dial code: +12 5-A-B
  • Alpha Style Gate 7 bit dial code: ???????

We @ hope you find this 'Wiki' helpful and informative.

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