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PvP means in essence player versus player. Where one player seeks to harm or otherwise disadvantage another player. With the possible exception of the Creative world, The Dark Fortress is a PvP server, which means, not only do you need to defend yourself from monsters, but you should be cautious of other players.

We do have some guidelines in respect to PvP however.

  1. There is an informal faction war between Paladins and Assassins; except where such gameplay crosses a line and becomes harassment or stalking (not to be confused with tracking or hunting) there is no restriction on killing or being killed if the participants are Assassin VS Paladin
  2. Unlike other ranks; becoming an assassin or paladin required a deliberate choice being made and a quest being completed - don't complain should someone in this faction war kill you. By getting this rank you become “one of the elite” of that faction; and you choose a side in a war. Suitable precautions should have been made with regard to travel and defense. Please don't harrass staff if you subsequently get killed and loose XX item. That item became the spoils of war the moment you joined the faction and equipped it. All staff can do is dishonorably discharge you from that faction should you behave in a manner unbecoming of your rank.
  3. Assassins can also be hired for “hits” and random “assassination contracts” are generated by our assassins plugin to keep things spicy. In this scenario an assassin is allowed to kill you. BUT since he/she gets paid a bounty for the kill, it is generally considered bad manners to also steal the victims items. Ideally when taking assassin contracts - challenge the victim to a survival game, then you have an extra incentive to win! Or do a personal challenge. Any player can take out an assassination contract - it can be a way to get revenge on a player who did something wrong to you.
  4. Personal Challenges - in various no-PVP zones there are “fighting arena” zones where two players may want to test their skill against each other. These zones usually have conveniently placed nether chests to store items you dont wish to loose should you die. This is also a good way to try to collect an assassination contract.
  5. Tracking/Hunting - the assassin plugin has a tracking facility which allows an assassin to track them down; if you do kill someone let them know it was just an assassin contract.. at least this way they can take out a revenge contract.. and actually make things fun..
  6. Highwaymen - given the roleplay aspect some players may adopt a “mugger” role, where they stalk the roads and travel links. If they kill and rob you, expect to loose items. You can get back at them by placing an assassins bounty on them! For those of you playing a “mugger” this will make you an outlaw and unpopular, and will disqualify you from being an assassin or paladin.
    1. Highwaymen should not single out a player and keep killing them; 1 kill per player please; and don't cheat or kill players who obviously are afk or glitched. There has to be some honor among thieves
    2. No respawn killing. No camping in a players house. If you are a highway man, kill them on the road, dont be some creepy guy who goes in houses just to kill people
    3. No harassment, or trolling players; if you must be a smart ass about it, thank the player you killed for the loot and advise them you are playing a highway man; this gives them an opportunity to get into the spirit of it and raise a posse to hunt you down and get their stuff back
    4. No bullying, you are playing a role, not trying to get back at society; if you do rob someone dont be an ass about it and set their items on fire in front of them, keep them and give them half a chance at fighting you to get them back
    5. Staff cannot play this role! Unless it is on their own world! (For instance an overlord is perfectly in his rights to order the execution of an enemy of the state in their world!)
  7. PvP means PVP not Pv(their buildings) in other words except in designated war zones or special conditions griefing is not acceptable
  8. Designated warzones are the Nether World, frontier planets and the End Space galactic war. See below for other special conditions:
    1. In the nether PvP spells can be quite destructive on the environment. They should only be used on other players. Mutually assured destruction (ie both sides build bases with the purpose of hammering and defending them with spells and attacks to kill each other) where both sides are aware and consent to such damage to each others areas is allowed, but not where such bases are deliberately positioned (ie a sham war) so that “accidental” damage occurs to nearby structures they do not own.
    2. Galactic war (ie each side has a starship constructed of flammable materials, usually with TNT in the middle; and equipped with dispenser cannons, tnt cannons, piston machines, arrows, spells or other plugin based weapon systems) where the aim is attackers and defenders operating a static capital ship or movecraft fighter try to cause enough damage to the other side to set off the TNT in the middle (at which point the ship is considered “defeated” and are only permitted to keep fighting with ammo already placed into still functional weapon systems) Typically this type of PvP requires teams of at least 2 on each side, eg a spell caster, and a technomancer (if fighters are used) one player would attack the other would attempt to put out fires etc caused by the other team.
    3. Raid wars: Frontier worlds consist of the non-core and non-logged planets; which are accessed via the stargate network. These worlds are considered anarchy worlds - region claiming is still supported on these worlds, so there is no excuse if you get griefed! Raid wars - also known as PvP grief or item theft gameplay where the aim is to attempt to locate and raid/steal materials from the other team is possible on anarchy worlds. These worlds also contain automatically spawned structures and ruins which deliberately contain treasure which other than aethetics have no restriction on breaking into. Raid gameplay is frowned upon generally, but some players live and breath this, so this is where you can do this.

We @ hope you find this 'Wiki' helpful and informative.

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