The Dark Fortress Legend

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Time: The present

You find yourself in a strange place of machines, monsters, mages, merchants and gods, populated by various items, buildings, lost treasures and ruins. Oddly there exists here a strange combination of medieval knights and space ships.. suggesting that in the past the peoples here were exposed to advanced technology before they were entirely ready for it..
Among the people here, A legend is spoken of an ancient people, so old few recalls their name. They built impossible things, in impossible places, They had much power, they could move mountains; fly through space, raise the dead or summon the living - yet something happened to them. If you listen carefully; you hear hushed whispers… nightmares never fully woken from, children at night screaming, a legacy of scars upon the land, shadows in the distance, strange sounds behind you; odd happenings in the night; their memory alone wakes the dead
The Citadel you find yourself near hosts the initial shopping areas, merchants and travel facilities. This area is known locally as the fallen kingdom. It has been here for a very long time. At night creatures from the graveyard (or even other players) outside try to break through the gatehouse and invade the citadel. There is also a public mine underneath if you can find the entrance. What you find in there of treasures man and monsters is a mystery. Prepare to stake out your own place in this world.

Time: 9 years ago

The guildmaster of brotherhood launches his personal ship into deep space, after retrofitting it with pulse cannons, and a souped up hyperdrive based on the darkstar technology to find out what happened to their earlier deep space explorer. What he finds.. or rather what is left of what he finds unnerves the entire crew. The entire deep space ship with the possible exception of the rear quarter has been totally destroyed, and what is left is open to the vacuum of space. They board the hulk and retrieve the computer core located in the communications section. Surprisingly this section of the ship remained powered but lacking any antenna for a few weeks after the ship was crippled, and they find a sensor report of the ship that attacked it passing by again 5 days later. They also find much to their regret that someone survived the initial attack, but must have committed suicide after sending the last report they received.

Time: 10 years and 4 days ago

The entire fleet, including a few minutes later some partially damaged but functional ships previously kept secret by the Paladins; named Darkstars (after analysis of a ship log found on a crashed ship shows something similar) meet up at the now joint brotherhood and paladin space station facility under attack from the unknown ship - After a brief exchange of fire, where all ships take heavy damage; at the approach of the 3 Paladin darkstar ships, the unknown ship immediately retreats out of sensor range. Although perplexed most of the ships remain on patrol at the space station from this point on.

Time: 10 Years and 5 days, 1 hour ago

An unknown ship roughly similar to the ship seen on the earlier video feed ship near the last reported position of the doomed deep space exploration ship approaches the main space station and opens fire. The speed of its arrival comes as a surprise. The heavily armored base; built of an unknown material holds up, but is shaken badly. A number of mothballed ships take minor damage as well. The rest of the fleet are less than 23 hours away.

Time: 10 Years and 5 days, 2 hours ago

During a deep space mission near a distant asteroid belt, confused reports are received from the ship, and a brief few seconds of video feed. Shortly after all contact is lost after telemetry data indicates a heat spike followed by total failure of all systems. What is shown on the video horrifies the Brotherhood technician, and he orders every ship that can move into space, and even demands that the paladins bring up their ships as well.

Time: 20 years ago

The Brotherhood launches several deep space ships based on the telemetry retrieved from the SS ln735 from a downed ancient battleship it discovered; and some other unusual readings. One ship locates a planet which they immediately claim when a number of artifacts with arcane versions of their own sigil and markings identify it as a previously forgotten colony ship.
Another planet is found by the Grimnir civilization; when another planet is found showing ruins with their own sect's markings on it which they claim and name Grimsgate.

Time: 25 years ago

A refitted trade ship launches called the SS ln735; during a routing exploration of the asteroid belt; they pick up a faint distress call. On responding to it, they locate a distant and uncharted planet; which is so close to the nearby star that with the exception of the poles, is almost entirely covered in fire and lava. They find a number of ruins, and a crashed battleship which they discover has been there for thousands of years; they retrieve the computer core, and shut off the distress beacon. They returned the core with them on their return to the brotherhood space station - where analysis finds little more of use than a ships log, detailing some long forgotten conflict; and some rough telemetry data. Another mission returns to the planet to examine the ruins and a function stargate device is found, all further missions use the stargate to explore the planet.

Time: 50 years ago

Having regained mastery of much of the lost interstellar technology, the brotherhood having taken charge of what is now considered a space port; embarked on an ambitious deep space exploration program, they send several ships into deep space.

Time: 70 years ago

Builders extending the basement of the main citadel stumble on ancient ruins below - finding a complete and newer stargate than the one in the brotherhood facility. The have no idea how it got there or why, but there is evidence of many many people having passed through it, as the cobblestones are cracked and worn with the passing of many feet.

Time: 80 years ago

There is a brief spaceship battle over the shipyards near the border of the Brotherhood between Paladins, Creatures from the Nether, Assassins, Caprica and several Derp City citizens. After one battleship is disabled and crashes, and several others take damage The Paladins activate something (later known as Darkstar tech) in one of their ships as a demonstration; creating a massive hole… at this point nobody was willing to continue the fight and dispersed.. It was suspected however that the crew of the downed battleship - dark creatures; survived.. a battleship is left in the area to maintain peace.

Time: 90 years ago

After much examination and experiments, the brotherhood discover that the great machines are in fact star ships. A small number of people are found in cold sleep chambers, who on waking identified themselves as Technomancers or Necromancers. They immediately begin reviving their two previously abandoned sects. Some experiments with the great gates also uncovers that they are some sort of magic portal between places.

A number of expeditions are sent through the gates - one of them being found to lead under the great paladin city; others found to lead to strange demonic places. With their newfound knowledge they awaken a monument created by a mad wizard in times past on a tower at the capital of the fallen kingdom; this also proves to connect to this demonic realm.
After several expeditions don't return, it is decided by the brotherhood to avoid the stargates; as the risk is too great, they instead concentrate on learning about the starships.

Time: 99 years ago

Several paladins and brotherhood officials explored the doorway the brotherhood take ownership of the strange floating mountain, and the large square fortress in heaven, and the paladins move on to explore the other large building discovered, and dubbing it the Dark Fortress, and ban anyone else from entering it as hallowed ground when they find a memorial outside in archaic script apparently left by the paladins in a time long forgotten - warning never to wake the dark fortress.

Time: 100 years ago

Some assassin from the brotherhood kingdom secretly are searching for treasure in a taboo mountain known for floating in the air discover a strange machine embedded in the middle, and a number of strange vehicles half buried up top. While interfering with the machine looking for gold; it starts chanting to them in an ancient dialect and there is a sudden flash and the entire floating mountain vanishes, and flattens all the trees for miles around. Several days later the missing assassins return with an unbelievable story, apparently the mountain moved into the heavens over some massive square structure, they had much difficulty breathing, and before passing out they fell through a strange doorway. When they awoke, they were in some cave, with another strange doorway. When one of them went into the doorway, he found himself in a massive room dominated by a large ring shaped machine. On trying to return through the doorway; he found himself in another massive building, so large he could not see the walls or roof, in fear for his life, the once again braved the doorway; and found himself with his companion in the cave again. They explored the cave further, not wanting to risk the doorway again, when a section of the wall opened and they found themself at the foot of a small hill that had been below the floating mountain.. they were home.

Time: Thousands of years ago (5000-10000+)

After centuries of wars between the Paladin, Assassin, and Agrarian factions; communication is established with another space civilization, pleading for assistance; known as the Technomancer Faction, a much more ancient civilization that in their height resulted in the star-gate network. Subsequently the conflicts and internal politics between the Alpha factions are scaled down enough that limited scientific cooperation between the groups allows for massive advances in space technology to be developed.

The Technomancers themselves, have recently concluded a millennia long war with another faction; the Necromancers, on planet Cybertron. But after a Necromancer weapon, designed to turn the fallen into soldiers in the war goes wrong, they are both forced to cooperatively abandon their current homeworld; but require assistance, as their remaining population is almost on the verge of collapse. The Technomancers themself had previously migrated from another planet, where at the height of their civilization, a change in the sun, had resulted in the planet; with the possible exception of the polar regions, to become uninhabitable. The cause of their war is unclear, but is suspected to have been because the necromancers were the original inhabitants of Cybertron, and a disagreement eventually became a war.

With the assistance of the Technomancers and Necromancers, a new planet is located that can sustain life; and has plenty of room for all. A small community is recruited; composed of disenchanted denzens and stargate experts from the various factions of the two planets willing to go into cold sleep for the lengthy trip; which they mockingly call the Fallen's kingdom . Having established a beachhead work begins on some new stargates in order to allow for quick travel between the worlds.

In the intermediate time between departure and arrival of the colonists, except for a remote area put aside for the Necromancers and Technomancers; the Alphians again take up their favorite pastime, war; only now it is at a galactic scale, it mostly takes place in space, and for the most part planet Alpha is free to pursue scientific objectives. Subsequently, the various factions, with the bemused assistance of the Technomancers assist all factions in the construction of massive space fleets of warships; and developments of new materials, technology and weapons. The war by this point - due to the technologies involved was unable to make any gains on any side, and had reverted to a sort of competitive sport by this point.

The Alphians from Planet Alpha (need to find some latin or similar translation of word alpha that has a cooler planet sounding vibe to it) having been shown the stargate system; start pulling it apart to see how it works.

The brotherhood faction takes the lead in this endeavor; and having worked out with reasonable competence how it works, start building another colony ship of their own. Minus the assistance of any other faction. They eventually launch several of these ships, what became of them has generally been lost following the incident soon to occur at planet Alpha. What is known is the brotherhood built a smaller scale stargate in their capital; with the eventual aim of linking it to where ever their colonists ended up. Incidentally this stargate still exists.. millennia later.. not much else tho..

Presumably at some point something unusual happens, either with their experiments into stargates, or something that happens to the lost brotherhood colonists; and they are noticed by some dark force - who also use a similar stargate system. (Their deep space scout ships all have them built in.) The suspicion was that a different type of stargate portal was discovered.. opening the way to these dark creatures..

The creature's scouts home in on planet Alpha, now at the height of the Alphians space age, and behave suspiciously - circle the planet, do close fly bys, and at all stages treat all attempts at communication with general apathy or disregard. Their general demeanor is that of the interest an average person would give to a few stray ants or flies..

Clearly they are up to something; when one of the dark creatures fire some sort of beam weapon at the one thing all Alphians hold sacred, their greatest achievement; and the location of the star gate that will eventually link up with their new colony - their great fortress (big cube thing); they are outraged. They return fire to little effect much to their shock, and the alien scout ship casually moves off into orbit; where it is discovered that the entire rear section of the ship is one massive stargate - when it starts disgorging hundreds of small ships, dubbed “darkstars” by the Alphians - which then take up a ring around the planet and start firing some sort of beam that reduces large tracts of ground to dust, which the darkstars then start hoovering up like some sort of vacuum cleaner.

Hundreds of thousands of Alphians and dozens of Technomancers and Necromancers are killed; the darkstars not showing any discrimination between empty land and occupied cities with their darkstars. The only bright side, is that for whatever reason they seem unable to harm the great fortress.

At this point, all the factions put aside their conflict, and the combined might of all the factions rendezvous in space, and launch an assault on the darkstars; which surprisingly completely ignore them and continue as if nothing happened.

It is not until one ship gets too close and a collision results in one darkstar being pushed out of place that any sort of retaliation occurs at all, the darkstar involved turning its beam onto the ship involved, which purely by luck is equipped with a weaker form of the same Armour used by the great fortress; although the ship initially survives the attack, it takes massive damage to its systems and its hyper drive overloads, resulting in an uncontrolled hyperjump.. right into the darkstar, which takes major damages, spins out of control and crashes into the planet. Sadly the Alphian ship involved, did not survive the jump, its remains being spread out over about 4 light years of space.

Shortly after crashing into the ground all the remaining darkstars stop firing, hold position and an eerie calm prevails.

This calm remains for over a year, by which time contact is finally established with the original new colony; they advise that work has began on the stargate; and should be complete within a month.

They are shocked to hear of the invaders, and also report that they suspect the Necromancers may have accidentally brought something with them, as several ground crew had started exhibiting strange phenomenon, almost like magic; which resulted in a number of deaths, the phenomenon however seems to have followed them to their graves, as the dead rise up again each night much to the annoyance of the colonists. The graveyard is fenced off so they cannot harm anyone.

Shortly after this announcement however… a large object is detected in deep space; approaching planet Alpha…. it is estimated it will arrive in less than a month. At this revelation, other than some speculation that perhaps the conditions on the new planet are similar enough to Cybertron, that the Necromancer tech has somehow taken hold there in unexpected ways - further research halts while they focus efforts on completing the stargate.

While they wait for the stargate to be completed, the first wave of planned colony emigrants - a number of Technomancers, Necromancers and their families (now composed of members of the various Alphian factions) who are experts in stargates; and colonization move into the great fortress. Sadly this would prove advantageous later in the conflict..

Several Paladin ships; heavily modified by the Technomancers to operate at much faster speeds, approach the object, to examine the threat; if any in detail. They report that the object is massive, larger than anything they have ever built. Perhaps most worrying of all, there appears to be what looks like a darkstar of a slightly different design docked on top of it - indicating who it belongs to with cold certainty.

Once again it ignores all attempts to communicate, and in one instance, frustrated at the lack of acknowledgement a ship deliberately blocks its path, the object totally ignores them, and the resulting collision destroys the ship and all hands - without even a scratch showing on the object.

As you can imagine, everyone involved was quite worried at this point, the entire fleet moves to intercept the object.. over 5000 ships formed into various battle groups; and the 100 most powerful; heavily armed and armored ships ever built.

Eventually all ships are in range of the object, which has not altered course or slowed at all, and is now only about a day away from planet Alpha.

The colonists stargate is still not ready at this point..

All 5100 ships start firing on the object in rotating shifts; and other than some incidental discoloration it continues on without pause or reflection at the force attacking it.

The object takes up position in the space vacated by the previously downed darkstar, and silently remains in position.

At this point the fleet backs off and holds position and holds their breath to see what happens…

On the planet, at the sight of the monster object in their skies - panicking denizens flock to the great fortress to seek refuge, many are admitted, and several unattached technomancers give up a place to allow more families in. The loss of these technical people may have contributed to the technological collapse that later occurred…

After an hour; the docked darkstar of slightly different configuration undocks and moves a distance away into higher orbit. At this point the ring of darkstars, including the different one start orbiting in a coordinated ring, each darkstar docking with the object for a time before moving on to allow the next one to dock. From the traces of debris being detected it was suspected they were unloading the previously “hoovered up” material.. making all involved wonder if the downed darkstar had anything to do with them stopping at all; perhaps they were simply full…

As time passes; sensors detect some sort of energy build up in the object; and the darkstars continue their docking dance.. after about a day, nothing further seems to happen, and over half of the darkstars have already docked; and continue to do so.. estimates are that it will take about one more day for them all to dock, and the slightly different darkstar to return to position over the object.

Meanwhile.. at the colony, word is sent that with the accelerated construction timetable the stargate will come online in about a day and a half.

Many reflect with concern that this is a full 12 hours after the darkstars complete whatever they are doing. ..

Back at the great fortress, no more people can fit in, and they seal the doors, also sealing the fate of those who remained outside.

The world stops and waits.

A day later; what happened next should not have been entirely unexpected, but still came as a shock to all. On completion of their circuit. the darkstars once again stopped. The variant also took up the place vacated by the crashed one, and the large object took up position in a different spot approximately at the center of the circle created by the dark stars. As a single coordinated team, the darkstars moved as one to a higher position on the planet, roughly parallel but down further from the large object, near the north pole of the planet, and again began firing their beam, only this time made no move to “hoover” anything up. Instead the larger object moved in closer, and the bottom opened up, disgorging some sort of jagged looking device looking like a cross between a turret, a drill, and a stick blender.. this was the source of the energy build up earlier, and it was recorded that this device whatever it was, was creating a sort of gravity, in a sweeping beam, not unlike a light house, attracting all the dust and debris thrown up by the darkstar beams, almost like a spiraling black hole.

Much to everyones horror, the entire north pole either vanished or broke up within an hour, and they moved further down the planet, ever closer to all the cities and peoples.

The shock having translated eventually to action, the various ships moving in a generally uncoordinated matter moved and fired as one on whatever happened to be closest, a darkstar or the great object, or the strange sweeping turret below it… as before, it made little difference, although some random shots hit the planet and threw free random asteroid sized chunks; some of which hurled into the darkstars, which would simply alter their beam angle, destroy the asteroid, and hoover up any dust it threw out, before returning the beam to the planet..

Several ships also attempted to ram the darkstars out of desperation to little effect; reactions ranging from as before a brief reaction at being bumped usually annihilating the attacking ship, to no effect at all if the darkstar was not moved significantly.
They also noted that the device was still building up more energy, and by the second hour over 2000kms of the northern hemisphere no longer existed, along with several of their most remote outposts and all who lived there.

By this point the colony stargate was still not expected to become operational for another 8 hours.. they needed more time.

A number of the ships broke off from the attack realizing the apparent futility of it, and attempted to land and rescue as many people as they could, in some cases this turned to disaster as the panicked evacuees inadvertently caused the ships to crash, in others heros were born as entire villages and towns were rescued… in all tho, the destruction of their planet now wracked with massive earthquakes preventing further landings for rescues continued inordinately on; Millions died from the earthquakes alone..

Purely out of desperation a number of smaller non military ships launched from threatened communities, and attempted to duplicate the destruction of the first darkstar, by deliberately triggering a suicidal manual hyperjump… into the large object; the result was interestingly a power spike from the object which in each case interrupted the gravity sweeping device for about 10 minutes, and resulted in the ring of darkstars shutting down their beams for 10 minutes as well.

Time and again they did this, eventually gaining about 2 hours… but costing hundreds more lives in crew.

So a way to gain time was found, but even if all the small ships likewise destroyed themselves not enough time would be gained to evacuate the planet; even should the colony stargate come online. However a small ray of light was found, one small ship - having been damaged too much to launch under its own power had triggered the hyperjump from the ground, and it was noted that it took a great chunk of ground with it in the jump which for the most part having missed the great death machine was essentially intact and floating in space. So a desperate plan was hatched.. the largest capital ship in their fleet would attempt to make a hyperjump from on top of the great fortress, in the desperate hope of moving it, and the thousands taking refuge inside away from the crumbling planet.

Having ran out of small ships, and being reluctant to waste the remaining military fleet which by this time was full of rescued people - the darkstars had again began ripping the planet apart again unmolested- so this was the only option left unless a way to stop the machine could be found.. So they transferred all but the minimum crew needed to other ships, and put the desperate plan into action… by this time the planet was nearly all gone, and the great fortress was the only place remaining with living occupants on the planet intact.. and they still had two hours left before the stargate went online.

Their course set, they moved the ship into position - and noted with concern that the great evil machine was again building up power, and the remains of the planet had began to break up… they built up power into the hyperdrive, and attempted to jump - which only partially succeeded as the great evil object had let loose all the stored energy in some discharge of power which shattered all that remained of the planet into a shower of asteroids several of which hit the great fortress and tore into the great capital ship trying to rescue it… the result was a half jump and an explosion which destroyed all of the ship but its hyperdrive core and computer reactor - the most heavily shielded parts, throwing both the great fortress and core out into deep space…

However it worked, although there were many horrendous injuries from the mis-jump and resulting explosion.. the occupants survived.. the remaining ships placed themself between the free floating great fortress and the darkstar fleet and began a retreat into deep space.

It lucky that they did, for all the darkstars, apparently unwilling to allow the great fortress and its valuable Armour plating to escape no longer needed gave sudden chase, heedless of the defensive line and many of them crashed into the defenders ships which from pure blunt force alone must have incapacitated whatever it was crewing these dark machines.. because it resulted in them loosing control, and the other darkstars behind them all crashed into them in one great cosmic traffic jam. The surviving members of the fleet all immediately jumped into hyperspace, taking the great fortress in tow before the foul things could untangle themself from the crippled defensive line - and where possible the damaged hulks of the defenders were likewise taken into tow and removed from the scene.

Having gained the necessary time, the stargate at the colony came online, and those fortunate to have escaped in either the great fortress or battle fleet ships having sealed any airleaks evacuated through the gate to their new world.. the remaining ships then set their hyperdrives and cold sleep systems, and set course for the new world.. towing all they could along with them.

Unfortunately.. in their haste to tow away their crippled ships.. one equally crippled darkstar found itself embedded in the hull of one of these ships as it was also sent on to the new world..

Eventually the fleet found its way back to the new world many years later, and thinking the dormant darkstar no danger attempted to rebuild their civilization.

What they did not count on was that this darkstar although seemingly disabled, had been leaving a sort of galactic bread crumb trail…

Many months later… the great horror machine found its way to their new planet and took up position and once again started its terrible work.. this time however, having moved all the survivors to the planet and with nowhere else to go, and little else to loose, and everything to gain, the Paladins came up with a desperate plan.. even with their most powerful weapons they could not even scratch this horror machine.. but they had learnt the hard way that one method existed that seemed to work.. with no time to waste, and less than 15 minutes after the great object once again began cutting into their world - all the crews recorded brief messages to their loved ones; and pointed their ships at the great horror machine or at its fleet of darkstars.. and hit the override button on all their hyperdrives… as one nearly 5000 battleships, capital ships, scout ships, troop carriers, launched a suicidal kamikaze attack on the ships of this unknown evil, over half a million crew members, technicians, officers, soldiers, and medical personal lost their lives within 30 seconds.. not all died, some ricocheted off as crippled ships hurtling out of control into deep space at hyperspeeds never to be seen again.. but it worked. They stopped it.

The darkstars crippled, spiraled out of control, some crashing into the planet, others simply vanishing. The great evil object itself staggered, and some internal energy discharge exploded from within.. although it was still in one piece something terrible had happened inside, as it started falling from the sky, crashing into the hole it had began making moments before with so much force that from that time on, the ground below where it rests melted to lava.. apparently whatever great engine powers this dread object is still active, as the lava has never cooled.

The result was nearly all those with technical skill were lost; but at least those that escaped still lived. One thing was on everyone's minds for many generations after… what happened to the ships that vanished, what became of the evil ones scout ship from whence the original darkstar invaders had arrived.. why had this happened?

Over time, and thousands of years, the questions, skills, stories, and the technology was lost to the new civilization, and for a time they reverted to a much more primitive way of living, but at least they lived. They even got used to the dead rising, and they came to believe in magic.. until that is, some relics were uncovered under the brotherhood realm, and later on beneath the old citadel of fallen kingdom.. for they found wondrous portals leading to mysteries in the depths of space… and hark, another great space age began to rise…

Older still

The denizens of planet Alpha discover the power of flight, submersibles, and other mechanical battle machines; and use them to continue their wars.

Even older

On a distant planet two civilisations start a war over territory. One weapon stops the war tho.. when the dead start to rise and attack both sides. Both civilizations are forced to search for another planet together.

More older

A race colonizes unoccupied territory on a distant planet. The planet already contains a civilization.

Way older

An ancient race abandons their planet after hundreds of thousands of years, once their sun becomes unstable. Many are killed.

Still older

A great space civilization rises and starts seeding planets with star gates.

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