One of the oldest and wealthiest player-run organizations/factions. The founder and CEO is the player SkullTraill.


There are 10s if not 100s of SkullCorp bases and quarters across the Dark Fortress multiverse. No one is entirely sure where the head quarters is, but a recon drone managed to get a barely identifiable picture of the SkullCorp-CB SkyBase, before being hit by a suspicious freak lightning bolt.

It is also common knowledge that SkullCorp has seized complete and utter control of Ice Planet (KS7-535), claiming to use it for “mining”. There have been several rumours however, that this planet is linked with the possibility that SkullCorp is building up an even bigger military force than it already has. Some say there are ties with the SCP Foundation, and even the Brotherhood and Assassins Guild.


SkullCorps undisputed economical grasp and prowess is well known throughout the Dark Fortress universe. Some say even if SkullCorp had no military whatsoever, they would still command resounding influence due to it's sheer wealth.


SkullCorp is known to have one of the smallest “surface troop” counts of all the major organizations. Smaller than Brotherhood, Grimgate, Acadar and even Assassins Guild (from what is known). However, they are not to be taken lightly as SkullCorp commands the highest skilled mages, stormcallers and warlocks in the galaxy. If the need ever arises for grunts/brute force, SC is known to hire mercs from the Brotherhood and Assassins guild.

Despite it's smaller land forces, SkullCorp is known (due to it's enormous wealth) to command the biggest known naval (space) fleets. With over 12 fleets with 200 ships each, there is not a naval force that compares to the sheer magnitude SCNF (SkullCorp Naval Force) holds.


There are several divisions of SkullCorp. Some of the major ones are as follows:

  • SkullCorp Naval Force
  • SkullCorp Expedition Force
  • SkullCorp Imperial Colonisation Division
  • SkullCorp Mining Company
  • SkullCorp Multilateral Trading Company
  • SkullCorp Market Regulatory Authority
  • SkullCorp Department of Justice
  • SkullCorp Internal Affairs
  • SkullCorp Intelligence Division
  • SkullCorp Science and Technology Furtherment Company
  • SkullCorp Acquisitions Division
  • SkullCorp Correctional Facilities
  • Central Bank

Members & Associates

Being a majorly economic organization, SkullCorp is very rarely at war, and is some way or another your “ally”, however take care with trusting SkullCorp without considering the consequences of any agreements you make.

Currently known or suspected Members/Associates

  • SCP Foundation
  • Brotherhood
  • Assassins Guild
  • Grimgate
  • Acadar
  • Sinister Industries
  • Mia Enterprises

Previously known or suspected Members/Associates

  • The Willo Collective
  • Night Walker's Guild
  • Brad & Co.
  • ChadCo.

Currently known or suspected enemies

  • MattyFatty Corp
  • Luke_N_Fudge'd Up Co.
  • Ashes Corp
  • The Blue Eagle Gaming Society
  • The Duping Association
  • NPC Fraud Collective
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