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Notes: Technomancer is a contributor rank. It is setup essentially like a time lord allowing aeronautical, mechanical and electronic devices to be used/created by the player. It requires a lot of settings to be manually adjusted so it is not easy to just “give” someone.

This rank gives a Time Lord “regeneration” ability. Plus the ability to own/operate a tardis.

Technomancer rank sadly has 4 bugs that we have to manually fix once for each tardis we assign:

  permissions group.yml needs to be copied from main world
  permissions in user.yml needs to be changed to technomancer for the owner user
  the control room setting in the tardis config.yml needs to be fixed after the next server restart since spawning the tardis** (pre version 1.0)
  the /mvinv group command needs to be used to correct the inventory settings for the new tardis world to allow firstly carrying
   items from the main world to it, (ie fuel) and to secondly allow items in end chests used on frontier worlds to be available 
   in end chests on the tardis. (this is the only way to move items to/from frontier worlds deliberately !)

Documentation in progress. Please come back and try again later.

We @ hope you find this 'Wiki' helpful and informative.

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