. Zija Business Review - Can Moringa Ring The Bell For Your Business?

Background: Zija is the brainchild of Ken Brailsford, now becoming the company's president. Brailsford designed a fascination with the Moringa tree which triggered the founding of the company in the year 2006.

buy zija - Being a veteran internet marketer, it had been natural for Brailsfor to use the MLM model to his new company.

Monica Marcu and Russ Bianca are corporate execs who helped develop the Zija product line and take it to market. Treatments for the Utah based company is led by Rodney Larsen (Exec VP), and Michael Hershberger (VP).

Zija Products: The Zija line up consists of nutritional drinks, fat burners and skin care products.

Zija's Smart Drink, packaged inside a can or envelope, can be mixed into your water. XM3 is Zija's reply to the sports energy drink market.

Their Miracle Tea supports cleansing and weight loss.

buy zija - All have a proprietary combination of antioxidants, minerals, omega oils and, needless to say, Moringa Oliefera extract. The organization describes Moringa as sourced from your 'miracle tree.'

Zija Opportunity: Zija employs a binary comp model that pays out in eight other ways. The business website switches into great detail about publicizing their comp plan.

You get an upfront commission from retail sales and renewed orders. The stronger comp line comes from developing a downline.

As reps in your team enhance their own product sales, you earn commissions on the customers also. Bonus commissions are paid for as reach company sales quotas.

The master plan is lucrative and rewards top producers well.

Zija Training: Zija training focuses on traditional multi-level marketing approaches. Tap your warm market of relatives and buddies. Encourage them to try the item. Hope that they will renew orders, spread the word and perhaps, just maybe, get so enthused that they will wish to pursue the Zija chance of themselves.

buy zija - Simply because someone likes these products does not imply this will be the business they would like to pursue.

You could also attempt to buy leads there is however no assurance that those dollars will target your niche audience properly.

What Zija needs is internet marketing training. Interact with your own mentor that will show you how to harness the effectiveness of the net to grow your home-based business.

If you are enthusiastic about health and fitness, consider an internet training connection a proper supplement to operate a vehicle your small business.

Social media just isn't for that purely social. Connecting using a larger audience, targeted properly, can improve your business exposure beyond comprehension. You have to master internet marketing skills to produce this happen.

Discover ways to do keyword research and put it on your promotions properly.

Can Moringa ring the bell for your business? The merchandise is quality and thus is the pay plan.

Zija is a very real opportunity. As long as you know how to 'work it.'

Supplement your Zija business with comprehensive website marketing training beneath the guidance of a committed mentor. It is possible to ring the bell.

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