Thunder Tools

Rebuilt By TangentSpy

Documentation in progress. Please check back later.   

1 Introduction
1.1 Download
2 Syntax/Commands
2.1 Storm
2.2 Strike
2.3 Storm Player
2.4 Strike Player
3 Usage
3.1 Storm Sign
3.2 Strike Sign
3.3 Storm Player Sign
3.4 Strike Player Sign
3.5 Redstone Circuits
3.5.1 Normal Lightning Strike
3.5.2 Super Lightning Strike
3.5.3 Redstone Activated Signs
3.6 Items
3.6.1 Wonder Hoe
3.7 Permissions
3.7.1 ThunderTools.* (Admin)
3.7.2 ThunderTools.PERM
3.8 Configuration
3.8.1 Plugin.yml Plugin.yml Backup
3.8.2 Config.yml Config.yml Backup
4 Notes/Bugs
4.1 Builds
4.2 Log File/Update Info


'ThunderTools' is a Minecraft Bukkit server plugin designed to create lightning strikes and storms.

The plugin was originally developed by: t3rmin8tor12, but now it has been rebuilt from the start by: tangentspy because the plugin was un-active and out of date.

The plugin is designed for use in Redstone circuits, however there is new server commands in the new version of this plugin.

The new version of the plugin is in beta and is under going tests before it is released to the public.


There is no download at this stage.

The plugin however will be home on the 'Darkfortress' & 'Winter Lands' Minecraft server's until further notice.

DEV-001-ThunderTools: Private Testing (Not available to public)

PRC-001-ThunderTools: Plugin Release Candidate 001 Will be available to download after plugin second re-write.


Command Flags Description


- Create a lightning strike where your Minecraft cursor is.


- Create a lightning storm where your Minecraft cursor is.



- Create a lightning strike where another player is.



- Create a lightning storm where another player is.

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